Our Story

We are Perfect Vascular Natural.

A small company of passionate individuals who are dedicated to bringing INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE, SAFE & NATURAL solutions for you and your heart.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Mack


Stephen is a business entrepreneur specialising in natural health and wellness. With the issue of cholesterol continuing to make headlines, Stephen saw a gap in the market for a truly efficacious natural alternative to cholesterol drugs. Since then, he has created a talented global team to help bring AIO to the mainstream market, enabling it to be affordable and accessible to all.

Robert Pongrac Jr., MBA

Equity Partner

With two decades of success and experiences in multi-channel healthcare environments, Robert works with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 Pharmaceuticals.  Robert develops and operationalises successful growth strategies across complex customers with proven customer centric approaches and revenue generating partnerships.

Mani T. Vannan, Ph. D.

EVP, Head of Strategy & Business Development

Strategy & Operations executive with 20+ years industry & management consulting experience in Life Sciences, Medical Devices & Energy sectors. His expertise spans commercial and R&D strategy, product development, portfolio management, business analytics, and licensing & acquisition.

David Kirven

Brand & Digital Creation

David has been in the world of brand creation for almost 30 years and is responsible for the look and feel of the All In One brand. He is also responsible for delivering the digital front end to the marketplace. Working with his team of experienced developers ensures the client receives the best possible user experience providing a trouble free transaction.

Kate Goodfellow

Sales Director

Kate is the Sales Director for AIO, communicating the brand and its benefits to the consumer and the media as well as forging partnerships with leading retailers.

All In One Cholesterol Maintenance

“I have been utilising Vascular Natural All in One for over three years in my practice with impressive results. I have approximately 2000 patients currently on Vascular Natural All In One for control of their cholesterol with about an 82% retention rate.”

Dr. Scott Eisenberg – Cardiologist & Lipologist

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“I have been affiliated with Vascular Natural for almost three years now. My initial interest in the company and their All In One cholesterol lowering product revolved around a growing subset of patients with high cholesterol who had tried multiple drugs.”

Dr. Gregory Cuozzo – MD

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“I have to say I am delighted with this product. My cholesterol had risen to 7.1, which I attributed to the effects of ageing (I am now 64 years old) as my diet was quite good and I got regular exercise. I have been taking All In One since the beginning of November.”

Ann Smith – Lancashire, UK

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All In One Cholesterol Maintenance

1 Month Supply of All In One Cholesterol Maintenance Capsules


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3 Months supply of All in one Cholesterol Maintenance Capsules


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6 Months supply of All in one Cholesterol Maintenance Capsules


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Cholchecker - CE Certified Home Cholesterol Testing Kit - Pack of Two Tests


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